What We Do

Kaulig Charitable Giving Programs™ were founded by Matt and Lisa Kaulig. The programs include the giving of time and financial assets, Fox 8 Cleveland’s Own, and our annual Golf Experience – an invitation-only business networking event that highlights a charitable partner. Matt and Lisa Kaulig are also the founders of and donors to Samantha’s Gift of Hope.

It is important to us to support the well-being of children and families and develop partnerships with like-minded non-profits. We fund more than sixty non-profit organizations in our community and beyond.

Helping those around us is a core value of Kaulig Companies and we are proud to support our community by giving to over sixty 501c3 organizations.

“It’s important for us to support the well-being of children and families in our community. By doing this, we are investing in our future which is creating the largest and most lasting impact of all.”

Stacey Langal
Vice President of Kaulig Companies Charitable Giving & Event Operations
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